Your ride is my priority

A bicycle is more than the sum of its parts. When it's components work together in harmony, your bicycle gives you the opportunity to connect with the outdoors, to lead a healthier lifestyle, and most importantly to laugh in the mountains with friends.

At the Inside Line, our primary focus is making your bicycle perform to it’s potential so you can have a great ride. 


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Cameron Belisle-O'Donnell

Cam has been working in various parts of the mountain bicycle industry for over a decade. What started out as a summer job while studying film production in Vancouver has evolved into a lifelong passion. Over the years, Cam has worked in some of the best shops in western Canada including Obsession: Bikes in North Vancouver, Bow Cycle and more recently Ridley's Cycle. In a pursuit to better serve the avid mountain biker, Cam started the Inside Line Mountain Bike Service. 

Outside bike shop life, Cam is a devout bike nerd and rider of all kinds, who also enjoys spending time with his wife Jody and quiver of dogs/cat. 


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Logan Marsh

Logan brings a breadth of knowledge and experience from over a decade of working on mountain bikes. His mechanical aptitude and problem solving skills are off the scales. Logan Currently works as a Millwright for Winsport. Over the years, Logan has worked as a technician at several world cup DH races, has had a successful DH career of his own, and has been overhauling suspension and dropper posts for friends. Of all the things one can say about Logan, is he's simply an all-around good guy.  He is humble, kind, intelligent family man and a valuable addition to the Inside Line team!

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Christoph Karbach

We've been lucky to have christoph working part time with us this season. Christoph brings over a decade of experience in the bicycle industry in Canada and in germany. He's worked as a service writer, technician and salesman for various shops including Ridley's Cycle and Canyon bikes Germany. His professionalism and attention to detail make him one of the best mechanics in the city and we're happy to have him on the team!



Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society has done so much to develop our trail networks. In 2018, we plan to give back to MMBTS members by offering free tune ups while you are working hard on the trails. More details to come via social media...


Race Support

As former racers, we know how important a clean and well maintained bike is on race day so we chose to support at a multitude of local races including local CNES and other local events. More details to come via social media...